Elodie'in Cilginlaklari 1981

Tells the tale of sexual encounters of one woman and several friends, family members and acquaintances, as seen (and told) from the perspective of a pair of satin blue panties.

All Titles
  • FR: Les folies d'Élodie Les folies d'Élodie
  • AR: Memorias de una prenda íntima Memorias de una prenda íntima
  • GR: I istoria mias kylotas I istoria mias kylotas
  • FR: Безумство Элоди Безумство Элоди
  • FR: Секреты синего атласа Секреты синего атласа
  • FR: Slip auf Trip Slip auf Trip
  • FR: Secrets of the Satin Blues Secrets of the Satin Blues
  • : The Folies of Elodie The Folies of Elodie
  • : Naughty Blue Knickers Naughty Blue Knickers
Directed by André Génovès show all movies of André Génovès
Artists Claude Chabrol
as Un invité au vernissage
Daniel Beretta
as Paul
Release date 12 Aug 1981
Genre Comedy
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