Insafsiz 1981

Tom Sharky is demoted to vice after a bust goes terribly wrong. He and his team stumble across a mob murder tied to prostitution and government.

All Titles
  • US: Sharky's Machine Sharky's Machine
  • BR: Caçada em Atlanta Caçada em Atlanta
  • CA: Sharky's Machine Sharky's Machine
  • CO: El verdugo de Atlanta El verdugo de Atlanta
  • DK: Sharky's team Sharky's team
  • FI: Sharky hoitaa homman Sharky hoitaa homman
  • FR: L'anti-gang L'anti-gang
  • GR: I vromiki 'mihani' tou epitheoriti Sharky I vromiki 'mihani' tou epitheoriti Sharky
  • GR: Η βρώμικη 'μηχανή' του επιθεωρητή Sharky Η βρώμικη 'μηχανή' του επιθεωρητή Sharky
  • HU: Bukott zsaru Bukott zsaru
  • IT: Pelle di sbirro Pelle di sbirro
  • MX: Sharky el verdugo Sharky el verdugo
  • PL: Sprawa Sharky'ego Sprawa Sharky'ego
  • PT: Brigada Anti-Crime Brigada Anti-Crime
  • RO: Brigada lui Sharky Brigada lui Sharky
  • RS: Sarkijeva masina Sarkijeva masina
  • SI: Sharkyjeva masina Sharkyjeva masina
  • US: Команда Шарки Команда Шарки
  • ES: La brigada de Sharky La brigada de Sharky
  • SE: Ingen knäcker Sharky Ingen knäcker Sharky
  • US: Sharky und seine Profis Sharky und seine Profis
  • US: Sharkey's Machine Sharkey's Machine
Directed by Burt Reynolds
Artists Robert Duncan McNeill
as Teen on bus
Burt Reynolds
as Sharky
Charles Durning
as Friscoe
Release date 18 Dec 1981
Genre Action Crime Drama Thriller
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