Jerry Lewis Artist bozuntusu 1964

When a star comedian dies, his comedy team, decides to train a nobody to fill the shoes of the Star in a big TV show (a Patsy). But the man they choose, bellboy Stanley Belt, cant do ...

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  • US: The Patsy The Patsy
  • AR: El suplente El suplente
  • AT: Der Wunderknabe Der Wunderknabe
  • AT: Der Waschlappen Der Waschlappen
  • BE: Jerry de zondebok Jerry de zondebok
  • BR: O Otário O Otário
  • DK: Jerry ta'r til Hollywood Jerry ta'r til Hollywood
  • FI: Jerry neropattina Jerry neropattina
  • FR: Jerry souffre-douleur Jerry souffre-douleur
  • GR: Apo gafa se gafa Apo gafa se gafa
  • GR: O Jerry Lewis arhontopallikaro O Jerry Lewis arhontopallikaro
  • IT: Jerry 8 e 3/4 Jerry 8 e 3/4
  • MX: El ingenuo El ingenuo
  • PL: Oferma Oferma
  • PT: Jerry 8 3/4 Jerry 8 3/4
  • RO: Un impiedicat si jumatate Un impiedicat si jumatate
  • US: Козёл отпущения Козёл отпущения
  • ES: Jerry Calamidad Jerry Calamidad
  • SE: Sprattelgubben Sprattelgubben
  • US: Son of Bellboy Son of Bellboy
  • US: Der Wunderknabe Der Wunderknabe
  • US: Die Heulboje Die Heulboje
Directed by Jerry Lewis show all movies of Jerry Lewis
Artists Peter Lorre
as Morgan Heywood
John Carradine
as Bruce Arden
Release date 18 Sep 1964
Genre Comedy
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