Liste noire 1984

Jacqui, David and Nathalie are persuaded by a barely known little criminal to do a hold-up in a bank. But they're squealed on, just used as diversion while a group of professional criminals...

All Titles
  • FR: Liste noire Liste noire
  • FI: Musta päivä Musta päivä
  • GR: Mavri lista Mavri lista
  • HU: Fekete lista Fekete lista
  • FR: Back Fire Back Fire
  • FR: Backfire - Eine Mutter sieht rot Backfire - Eine Mutter sieht rot
  • FR: Black List Black List
Directed by Alain Bonnot show all movies of Alain Bonnot
Artists Michel Aumont
as Le juge
Release date 08 Aug 1984
Genre Action
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